April 21, 2023


The new CityDNA Strategy was released in April 2023. Welcoming Wegeneration is CityDNA's long-term purpose and vision. It invites broad collective action. It sets the tone and direction for City Destinations Alliance until 2026.
May 18, 2022


The rebranding into City Destinations Alliance marked a key shift that has been underway for several years, and accelerated by the pandemic, namely that destination leadership involves much more than marketing. And last but not least, we are much more than a network; we are an alliance.
May 18, 2022


More and more cities adopt a more holistic approach in the way they work, seeking for a better balance between visitors and inhabitants. A third forum on City Marketing was recently added to the portfolio in order to meet those needs. In addition to the President, there are now three Vice-Presidents who represent the three main subject areas that modern destination management and destination marketing organizations deal with. The name European Cities Marketing then revealed its full potential and the brand was refreshed in 2013.
May 18, 2022


Both associations merged forming European Cities Marketing, including one forum for Leisure and one for Meetings Industry related activities.
May 18, 2022


ECT and EFCT were both working in the Tourism and Meetings Industry landscape and significantly expanded over the years. More than 50% of ECT and EFCT members belonged to both Associations and discussions logically came up to find synergies.
May 18, 2022


FECTO built a more powerful identity which became European Cities Tourism (ECT).
May 18, 2022


A handful of CEOs of French Tourist Boards regularly worked with their German counterparts and naturally wished to enrich their discussions with more European destinations. The Federation of European Cities Tourist Offices (FECTO) was officially created in 1989 and held its first General Assembly in Heidelberg.
May 18, 2022


A few far-seeing European Convention Bureaux got together to form the European Federation of Conference Towns (EFCT) in Brussels. Its main ambition was to be the focal point for the Europe's emerging Meetings Industry, the independent source of information for clients to search for destinations in Europe. Over the years, EFCT has become the voice of experience in the European Meetings and Events Industry and a network that is playing a significant role in the International Meetings World.