Advisory Council


The Advisory Council ensures that CityDNA has longevity through remaining relevant to its members.

Its goal is to actively seek the opinions of the new generation to our industry in order to guide our strategy, operations and ensure the continual evolution and flourishment of the alliance.


CityDNA Advisory Council-01

The goal of the Advisory Council is to form a group of new DMO professionals who brings energy and innovative ideas on current trends to CityDNA, in order to help shape the pathway to a new tomorrow.

CityDNA can leverage this group’s insights for a better, more inclusive CityDNA and its role with destinations. It can support business model invention, cultural development and process design to benefit the organisation and its wide member base.

Among other topics, the Advisory Council gives advice and insights to the Board and CityDNA Head Office regarding:

  • CityDNA as an organisation –structure, marketing, communications, etc
  • Activities including conferences, events, Summer School, Mentor Programme, etc
  • Membership recruitment.
  • Advocacy

The Advisory Council is also consulted on the CityDNA Strategy to assist in building a future vision for the organisation.

The voice of the Advisory Council regularly presents relevant findings, insights and trends during CityDNA conferences, through digital channels and at Board meetings.


The CityDNA Advisory council consists of members that are employees from CityDNA member cities with 1 to 3 years’ experience in the tourism industry.

The CityDNA Board has appointed a liaison as a point of contact (2 Board members) for strategic alignment, support, enquiries and to attend Advisory Council meetings should that be required.

Erika Valente


Maria Cylvén


Aino Mellais


Dejan Ristić


Daniella Danielsen