Membership Criteria

CityDNA members are official tourist boards, convention bureaux and multi-functional urban marketing agencies established by cities in Europe.

They are official in the sense that they are constituted either as departments of city government or public-private partnerships (i.e. companies, foundations, etc.).

To qualify as a member of City Destinations Alliance, a European city represented by its organisation must meet at least two of the following criteria as these apply in its metropolitan area:

  • More than 3,000 beds or 1,500 rooms in commercial accommodations
  • Capacity to host a meeting of at least 300 delegates in one plenary room, providing sufficient supporting facilities for breakout and catering
  • At least three international meetings per year with a minimum of 300 delegates coming from at least three countries during the last three years

Full members may be elected to the Board. They have the right to vote at the ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly.

Organisations complying with these criteria above can apply as full members.

Regional or national institutions with an interest or involvement in business/leisure tourism and/or city marketing can apply as affiliate members.

Annual Fees

To become a member of City Destinations Alliance, cities must pay a membership fee which is linked to their total revenue, i.e. the overall incomes of your organisation: national/local government grant, bed taxes, TIC income, commissions, sponsorship and advertising, membership fee and private sector donations, financial interests…

The system is tailor-made to your organisation and what you can afford and will give you access to all services.

Total income (in €) Yearly membership fees 2023
Up to 1 million 2 160 €
From 1 to 2 million 3 240 €
From 2 to 4 million 3 780 €
From 4 to 6 million 4 320 €
From 6 million 4 860 €
Affiliate members 4 860 €