CityDNA Advisory Council-01

Advisory Council

Now, more than ever, organisations should encourage new talents to join, shows inclusiveness in decision-making, strategy setting and supports talent retention. Gen-Z have a whole different approach to work, careers and life; to protect the future of any organisation, this must be understood and integrated into operations.

CityDNA is therefore creating an Advisory Council, consisting of new entrants to the destination tourism industry among CityDNA Members!

CityDNA We Love City Cards

City Cards Project

The City Cards Project is a network of cities across Europe, promoting European city cards. The main asset of the project is to reach a much wider audience by promoting our city cards together!

Members of the City Cards Project are part of a pan-European brand for city cards, they benchmark their city card with other cities and meet their peers during the annual City Cards Expert Meeting.

Data Space for Tourism

Data Space for Tourism

A consortium of 4 trusted tourism parties with different fields of expertise has been established to set out the foundation of this secure data space.

The consortium will follow a bottom-up approach, which builds a “culture of data sharing” among stakeholder groups, thus ensuring that the Data Space for Tourism is a sustainable solution, mirroring the diversity of needs within the European tourism sector.

CityDNA Glasgow Declaration 01

Glasgow Declaration
Climate Action in Tourism

The Glasgow Declaration is a catalyst for increased urgency about the need to accelerate climate action in tourism and to secure strong actions and commitment to support the global goals to halve emissions over the next decade and reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible before 2050.

CityDNA GDS Academy

Regenerative Destination: the GDS Academy

The immersive GDS-Academy courses offer a personal, practical experience for destination and event professionals who to make more positive impact through tourism and events.

The Masterclasses and GDS-ICCA-CityDNA Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management course are based on evolving theories of circularity, behaviour change, and regenerative practices, and tightly aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

GDS-Academy offers an experienced, accomplished faculty of respected thought leaders and notable influencers from GDS-Movement and universities, destinations and organisations.

CityDNA Trend Talks

Trend Talks

The Trend Talks is an insightful debate format created by the Trend Room. Internationally renowned experts are invited to discuss on some future trend topics from multiple angles, and to reflect on the impacts of such new trends on our lives.

Those sessions aim to inspire our members on a wide range of themes and to help them think ahead and out of the box.

VivaCITY Logo

VivaCITY Challenge

VivaCITY is a challenge to win a three-year funded engagement with CityDNA, Simpleview, and a team of three global experts in destination development and implementation.

This will be led by Professor Frank Cuypers, an international leader in destination development, Elke Dens, a specialist in regenerative placemaking, and David Peacock, Senior Strategist and Advisor for the Future Tourism Group at Simpleview.