CityDNA Mentor Programme

Mentor Programme

The CityDNA Mentor Programme is a joint-initiative with industry partners to generate exchange and knowledge between new and advanced professionals in the Meetings Industry.

In those challenging times, established members of City Destinations Alliance and industry professionals give back to inspire, to share, and thus to make sure that the new professionals, get the best start in what we hope will be a long and successful Meetings Industry career.

CityDNA Advisory Council-01

Advisory Council

Now, more than ever, organisations should encourage new talents to join, shows inclusiveness in decision-making, strategy setting and supports talent retention. Gen-Z have a whole different approach to work, careers and life; to protect the future of any organisation, this must be understood and integrated into operations.

CityDNA is therefore creating an Advisory Council, consisting of new entrants to the destination tourism industry among CityDNA Members!

CityDNA GDS Academy

Regenerative Tourism: the GDS Academy

The GDS-Academy delivers the latest, progressive perspectives, to enable positive social, environmental and economic regeneration through tourism and events based on a refreshed understanding of what it takes for a sector to thrive.

The GDS-Academy offers education as open-enrolment online classes for professionals, and online/hybrid learning for organisations and destinations. The professional Faculty facilitates dynamic learning experiences that accelerates professional growth using design thinking processes that are immersive, engaging and fun.

CityDNA Time for DMOcracy

Time for DMOcracy

It’s a new collaborative project and a curious journey into citizen activation and empowerment, the challenges, and imperatives of dialogue, power-sharing and new modes of governance in tourism development.

The project is relevant to any destination – urban or rural, national or regional – that wants to empower their local communities in the future of tourism and who puts value to the shift from tourism as a goal in itself to tourism as a means to build better societies and communities and increasing the liveability of the people, who live there.

CityDNA We Love City Cards

City Cards Project

The City Cards Project is a network of cities across Europe, promoting European city cards. The main asset of the project is to reach a much wider audience by promoting our city cards together!

Members of the City Cards Project are part of a pan-European brand for city cards, they benchmark their city card with other cities and meet their peers during the annual City Cards Expert Meeting.

CityDNA Trend Talks

Trend Talks

The Trend Talks is an insightful debate format created by the Trend Room. Internationally renowned experts are invited to discuss on some future trend topics from multiple angles, and to reflect on the impacts of such new trends on our lives.

Those sessions aim to inspire our members on a wide range of themes and to help them think ahead and out of the box.