ECM – European Cities Visitors REPORT 2008/09

During the years 2002-2007 bednight volumes in European city destinations increased by an astonishing 25.6%, outperforming the growth rates of European nation-wide tourism which only increased by 7 % during this period. These results clearly indicate that short-trips to European cities became the most popular new holiday option for many Europeans, while the tourism volumes in the traditional sun & beach and countryside resorts improved moderately. These are among the main findings of the recently published European Cities Visitors REPORT.

About the ECM REPORT
European Cities Marketing (ECM) is the largest association for city tourist boards and convention bureaus across the continent; it was founded in 1991 and currently has 134 members spread over 32 countries.
The primary objective of the European Cities Visitors REPORT is to convert complex statistical data into easily accessible and comprehensive managerial information, mainly by graphical presentation of charts.
In its fifth official edition 2008/09 the REPORT compares the hotel bednight development in 100 European cities during the benchmark reference period 2002-2007.
The European Cities Visitors REPORT was drafted by business consultant Claus Sager and is co-financed by the city tourist boards of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Munich, Paris and Zurich.
The REPORT is available from ECM Head Office in Dijon at a price of 590€ for ECM members and 950€ for non-affiliated associations.
For further information please visit ECM‘s home page or the below indicated contact addresses.

For the fifth time European Cities Marketing (ECM) has published an in-depth report that gives completely new insights into the total tourism development in European city destinations over the last 5 years and is definitely the most comprehensive analysis of the European city tourism sector.

‘European Cities’ Tourism’ is growing much faster than the overall European economy:
Since 2003 the total bednight volume growth in European cities’ tourism has outperformed the most important European economic growth indicators. While tourism volumes in the 100 European cities expanded by 25.6% in the REPORT’s five-year benchmark period 2002-07, the GDP in the OECD countries grew by only 14.2 % and in the Euro zone by only 10.5%.
The year 2007 has probably brought a period of booming growth rates to an end:
In 2007, the total commercial bednight volumes in European cities expanded by 2.9%, down from the remarkable 7.6% and 9.0% total bednight volume growth rates during the previous business years 2006 and 2005 respectively. International bednight volumes increased by 6.2% in European cities during 2007, down from the spectacular 9.2% growth rate the year before.
Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Prague and Munich were the true volume gainers last year.
In terms of nominal bednight volume growth, these six destinations left all other competing destinations behind with between 0.6 million and 1.6 million additional bednights eachduring 2007.
Valencia, Tallinn, Prague, Venice, Dubrovnik, Dresden, Barcelona and Berlin were the most dynamic European city destinations in terms of total and international bednight growth rates during the benchmark period 2002-07. Valencia, the host city of the 32nd America’s Cup sailing competition, outperformed all other cities with more than 14% average annual growth rate during 2002-07. (See chart below)
Low Cost Carrier airlines continue to be a crucial driver for growth in the international bednight segments: The REPORT’s analysis shows that, in particular, the British, German, French and Spanish source markets grew proportionally more in a number of cities situated near to a LCC base airport. Some examples are Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Tallinn, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana and Valencia.
The fastest growing national source markets for the ‘European Cities’ Tourism’ sector during the reference period 2002-2007 were the Spanish, Italian and French source markets with growth rates of 72%, 41% and 35% respectively. The German and the British source markets showed stable growth performance with an increase of 25% and 19% respectively. 

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