City Destinations Alliance

The alliance of Tourist Boards, Convention Bureaux and Destination Management Organisations in Europe

We are the European knowledge sharing alliance for cities and urban regions. While working on the DNA of our cities, we are committed to a sustainable, inclusive and responsible visitor economy that benefits people, planet and prosperity. 

We are much more than a network. We want to publicly advocate for our common goals while still learning from each other.  

Our vision is for all cities in Europe to flourish as great places to live, work, meet and explore. As a community of DMO professionals, our promise to each other is to always be curious and forward-thinking, share our inspiration and never stop learning. 


The reference for Leisure, Meetings Industry and City Marketing in Europe.

The Meetings Industry Manifesto

Priorities for the Next EU Leadership

 “The Meetings Industry Manifesto: Priorities for the Next EU Leadership” is a comprehensive document that emerged from our discussions and collaborative efforts at the EU Dialogue in Brussels. This manifesto aims to enhance awareness and recognition of the Meetings Industry’s significant role in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability across Europe.

Redefining Success

How DMOs can Drive Social & Community Well-Being

CityDNA and TOPOSOPHY released a report on ‘Redefining Success: How DMOs can Drive Social & Community Well-Being’. Building upon the success of previous joint collaborations, this paper takes a deeper dive into meaningful KPI design with practical applications and real world case study examples to support and empower DMOs to broaden their positive influence, measure their social impact and communicate their value contribution for the neighbourhoods, cities and regions they serve.

38th CityDNA Summer School

Brno, August 27-31, 2024

The Summer School provides great insights into the structure and functioning of the Meetings Industry. Our programme, filled with up-to-date and cutting edge examples of European best practice, lays out a comprehensive framework for you to build your expertise in one of the tourism industry’s most lucrative sector.

It is perfect for those just starting out in the Meetings Industry who want to get up to speed quickly and for those who are exploring its potential as a commercial and economic development tool.

Accessibility Survey

Accessibility is the tool, Inclusion is the Objective

We want to help destinations create a more welcoming environment for people with disabilities! City Destinations Alliance and Destinations International are collaborating on a global accessibility report to investigate the evolving accessibility landscape in destinations across Europe and North America.

Featured Events

#CityDNA events provide members with information, contacts and business leads they cannot afford to miss out on.

Members know best…

  • The CityDNA Knowledge Groups play a strategic role in helping us develop new ideas, products, insights and solutions in the areas of City Cards, Marketing & Communication, Meetings Industry, Research & Insights, Sustainability, Tourist Information Centres or Trends. They are incubators of new ideas and an important source of insights and expertise.
    Yvonne Coulin
    CEO | Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office
  • When it comes to looking at the future, the constantly evolving CityDNA Summer School is a unique opportunity for young professionals just entering the Meetings Industry to spend three days with some of the biggest names in our business, to understand the nature of the Meetings Industry, and acquire practical marketing skills. An unforgettable career-defining experience!
    Romana Vlašić
    Head of Convention Bureau and International Markets Development | Dubrovnik Tourist Board
  • By providing data, we can benchmark the performances of our destinations with bednights and in meetings statistics, as well as the financing and spending structures of our organisations. For the 50% of our members who do not have their own research departments, City Destinations Alliance can provide a unique & essential source of information.
    Daniëlla Brust-Blumink
    Research & Market Intelligence | amsterdam&partners
  • City Destinations Alliance knows that we, as members, have specific interests and provides us with the opportunity to have our own platforms, events and forums. CityDNA also helps us members to align our own strategic agenda with whatever demands, challenges and opportunities tomorrow will bring.
    Davy Jansegers
    Head of Sales & Promotion | Lausanne Tourism & Convention Bureau
  • Every year, we have more and more City Cards specialists participating in the City Cards Expert Meeting and strengthening the network. Through best practices and knowledge exchange, these meetings allow CityDNA member destinations to fine-tune their City Cards product, the associated communication and sales strategy, with the goal of managing the destination in a sustainable way.
    Gianluca Camaggio
    Sales Manager | Turisme de Barcelona
  • City Destinations Alliance is a member organisation. It is with us members and by the members. Through its strategy, CityDNA explores a more sustainable tomorrow together with a great purpose and appetite for experimenting in the visitor economy that contributes to a better life in the city. This knowledge is essential in my daily job!
    Dieter Hardt-Stremayr
    CEO | Graz Tourismus
  • Knowledge exchange and best practices’ sessions are core activities in City Destinations Alliance: from meetings statistics to legacy or ambassador programmes, we are always kept up to date by the best examples in Europe and from around the world.
    Bettina Reventlow-Mourier
    Deputy Convention Director | Wonderful Copenhagen
  • City Destinations Alliance is the only organisation to gather all CEOs of European destinations to discuss the latest market trends and new developments in policy, strategy and operations. But more important: it gives me a network of persons with whom I share challenges and endeavours, be it sustainability challenges, citizens support or how to measure the broader pros and cons of tourism. In short: This meeting is on the very top of my list.
    Corinne Menegaux
    CEO | Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris

CityDNA Live

[WE*GENERATE PODCAST🎙️] How can DMOs generate tourism to preserve and protect a destination?
In the first part to the new sequence: WE*GENERATE: THE BEST WE CAN, we speak to Tordis Biskopstø, Managing Director of Visit Tórshavn and learn about Tórshavn’s determination to develop ...tourism in a way that leaves the Faroese capital better than it was. Tune in to hear about how signage can re-direct visitors from hotspots, infamous knitting clubs, “Closed for Maintenance" initiative which welcomes 100+ volunteers to the Faroe Islands every year, taking those uncomfortable conversations about the cruise industry and much more…
Listen here:
#CityDNA #WeGeneratePodcast

[REALITY CHECK Q&A SERIES 📰] Can the Metaverse Boost or Burst the Museum Visitor Experience?
In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Pauline Mackay and Professor Neil McDonnell from the University of Glasgow, we explore the transformative potential of the Metaverse in the cultural heritage... sector.
🌟 Discover how Pauline and Neil envision the role of extended reality (XR) in democratising access to museum collections, offering new ways to engage with artifacts, and enriching the visitor experience.
🌍 Learn about the Museums in the Metaverse project, funded by Innovate UK, and its goal to create a virtual reality platform that bridges the gap between physical and digital heritage, allowing global audiences to explore rarely seen items.
🤖 Understand the implications of XR technology on traditional museum experiences, the balance between authenticity and innovation, and the ethical considerations surrounding the digital curation and repatriation of artifacts.
Get insights into the essential questions cultural institutions and tourism professionals should consider before diving into the Metaverse. Pauline and Neil emphasise that while XR opens new avenues for storytelling and engagement, careful curation and ethical oversight are paramount.
Read more: 📰✨🤖
#MuseumInTheMetaverse #CulturalHeritage #AIinMuseums #DigitalCuriosity #RealityCheck #CityDNA

[CITYDNA SUMMER SCHOOL 🎓] It's Testimonial Tuesday!
Each week discover what Summer School Alumni said about the educational programme right after attending it!
Don't miss your chance to be part of this year's #CityDNASummerSchool in #Brno and register now: ...
#CityDNA #eventprofs #education
Brno Convention Bureau

[VIVACITY PROJECT 🏙️] We are thrilled to share that Turismo Torino e Provincia has kickstarted their training academy as part of the #VivaCITY Project! Over two days, their staff received top-notch training in destination branding and tourism marketing from our experts, Elke Dens and Frank ...Cuypers.
This training is a crucial step in their journey to rebrand and revive tourism in Torino and its province, focusing on sustainable, regenerative, and international approaches. With the #VivaCITY project, Turismo Torino e Provincia is benefiting from 3 years of strategic support from leading international tourism professionals, fostering a synergistic approach for the city's future.
Stay tuned for more updates!
#CityDNA #Tourism #SustainableTourism #DestinationBranding #RegenerativeTourism Simpleview

[CITYDNA 🟠] Earlier this week, CityDNA President, Barbara Jamison-Woods, COO, Flavie de Bueil and Vice-President, Patrick Bontinck met in #Brussels with policy makers and industry partners.
They advanced existing projects and created new meaningful synergies for our members.
#CityDNA ...#EUDialogue #MeetingsIndustryManifesto
ETC, ETOA - European tourism association, NECSTouR, European Commission, EEIA,, JMIC

[CITYDNA SUMMER SCHOOL 🎓] It's Testimonial Tuesday!
Each week discover what Summer School Alumni said about the educational programme right after attending it!
Don't miss your chance to be part of this year's #CityDNASummerSchool in #Brno and register now: ...
#CityDNA #eventprofs #education
Brno Convention Bureau

[CITYDNA SUMMER SCHOOL 🎓] 🐦 Early Bird Deadline Extended to July 5! 🐦
Elevate your career in the Meetings Industry by joining us in Brno, Czech Republic, for the 38th CityDNA Summer School on August 27-31, 2024! This event is designed to provide newcomers with essential knowledge, ...skills, and connections to thrive in this field.

🎓 Register today and embark on a path to success in the Meetings Industry!
🌍✨Secure your spot at the best rate now:

What makes the CityDNA Summer School a must-attend?
📚 In-Depth Learning: Dive into industry trends such as sustainability, EDI, and legacy, while reinforcing fundamental concepts.
🌟 Expert Guidance: Learn from top professionals who will share their insights and expertise.
🌍 Expand Your Horizons: Gain a deeper understanding of the meetings industry and enhance your skill set.
🔧 Practical Tools: Learn effective client acquisition strategies and practical event management techniques.
🤝 Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and industry leaders from across Europe and beyond.

#CityDNA #CityDNASummerSchool #MeetingsIndustry #EarlyBird #EventManagement #CareerGrowth #Networking #Sustainability #AI #Legacy #Brno #EventProfs
Brno Convention Bureau

[EU DIALOGUE 🌐] The EU Dialogue: Driving Positive Change in the Meetings Industry held on April 17 in Brussels was aiming to foster a dialogue between the Meetings Industry and European policymakers to achieve a positive impact on society and destinations, while addressing key issues such as ...economy, sustainability, digitalisation, travel, innovation, and the future challenges of business events in Europe.

We are thrilled to announce the release of "The Meetings Industry Manifesto: Priorities for the Next EU Leadership." This comprehensive document, born from our collaborative efforts at the EU Dialogue, highlights the significant role of the Meetings Industry in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability across Europe.

Your engagement and insights were invaluable in shaping this manifesto. Together, we can build a robust framework that supports our industry and aligns with the broader goals of the European Union.

This manifesto is meant to be shared and used widely. We encourage you to join us in spreading the message!

Read the manifesto:

📢 Let's make a positive impact together!

#CityDNA #MeetingsIndustry #EUDialogue #Eventprofs #PositiveImpact #MeetingsIndustryManifesto