WE*GENERATE Podcast #3 – Xavier Theret & Meghann Ormond

Public art should always be meaningful.

What role does the DMO have in ensuring meaningful city interactions? How can cities engage with controversial and dark histories? Is art the answer? In the final part to the sequence, WE*GENERATE: Places, Xavier Theret from Le Voyage à Nantes, and Meghann Ormond from Wageningen University & Migrantour Utretcht both join this episode to discuss how art can be seen as a powerful tool for encounters, fostering connections and tolerance.


  • Art in public space can reveal the city and create meaningful encounters for citizens and visitors.
  • Challenging dominant narratives and engaging with controversial histories is important for creating inclusive and diverse spaces.
  • Art can act as a catalyst for encounters, fostering connections and tolerance.
  • Creating opportunities for play and connection can enhance the experience of a place.

The ‘WE*GENERATE’ podcast series interviews destinations across Europe to find out what it really means to generate together, regenerative tourism futures. Welcoming Wegeneration* invites you into candid conversations to learn about the pursuits of really dedicated people: from CityDNA members and urbanists to community leaders, creatives from arts and culture, and volunteers. Collective action and collaboration are essential in addressing the complex challenges of our time, and WE*GENERATE is a manifest of collective responsibility.

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