WE*GENERATE Podcast #2 – Meghann Ormond, Migrantour Utrecht & Wageningen University

Destinations need to represent the diverse layers of place and heritage.

How can the diverse layers of place and heritage be represented in a destination? How can we redefine “localhood” to be more inclusive? How can tourism experiences be co-created through a participatory approach, involving diverse groups of people to represent a place? In part two of three in the sequence, WE*GENERATE: PLACES, we speak to Meghann Ormond, an associate professor in cultural geography at Wageningen University. Meghann talks about co-founding Migrantour Utrecht, which is an initiative that allows people with refugee and migration backgrounds to co-design and lead tours in order to share their experiences and perceptions of the places they live.


  • Migrantour Utrecht is a guided walking tour co-created by people with refugee and migration backgrounds, providing a platform for them to share their experiences and perceptions of the places they live.
  • The process involves a participatory approach, where a diverse group of individuals with migration backgrounds come together to determine the themes and stories that are meaningful to them.
  • Destination Management Organisations have a responsibility to redefine normative ideas of “localhood” and represent locals with diverse backgrounds and promote more inclusive tourism experiences.

The ‘WE*GENERATE’ podcast series interviews destinations across Europe to find out what it really means to generate together, regenerative tourism futures. Welcoming Wegeneration* invites you into candid conversations to learn about the pursuits of really dedicated people: from CityDNA members and urbanists to community leaders, creatives from arts and culture, and volunteers. Collective action and collaboration are essential in addressing the complex challenges of our time, and WE*GENERATE is a manifest of collective responsibility.

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