WE*GENERATE Podcast #1 – Xavier Theret, Le Voyages à Nantes

The ‘WE*GENERATE’ podcast series interviews destinations across Europe to find out what it really means to generate together, regenerative tourism futures. Welcoming Wegeneration* invites you into candid conversations to learn about the pursuits of really dedicated people: from CityDNA members and urbanists to community leaders, creatives from arts and culture, and volunteers. Collective action and collaboration are essential in addressing the complex challenges of our time, and WE*GENERATE is a manifest of collective responsibility.

If you have any comments of questions about the podcast, please contact host Sarah Frosh.

*Read more here about the Welcoming Wegeneration strategy

Bordeaux is beautiful. Nantes had to be intelligent

What do you do, when you have little and have to do something? …and when tourism doesn’t come natural to your city? In this episode, Xavier Theret, Head of International Promotion and Relations for Le Voyage à Nantes, discusses the transformation of Nantes from a sleepy shipyard town to a vibrant and creative destination. Xavier highlights the importance of public art in breathing life into the city streets for locals and visitors. Nantes continues to secure its spot on the map with unique cultural and tourism strategy integration, creative partnerships with local businesses, elephants and green lines…