Top European Cities exchange know-how to improve City Cards

Over thirty product managers from 22 leading European Cities met in Copenhagen last week to exchange knowledge and best practice in one of the most significant growth areas in city marketing – city cards. The City Cards expert meeting is an initiative of European Cities Marketing, an association that improves the competitiveness of cities through a collaborative approach to marketing and insight based on benchmarking performance.

Olivier Occelli, vice-chairperson of the knowledge group, explains: “The goal of this yearly event was to create a network of experts working in the field of product management for City Cards. City Cards are an important tool within the City Hospitality mix since they can enhance the visitors experience in a City. Through knowledge exchange, ECM assists members to fine-tune the product, the message and provide case studies of successful marketing. The development of City Cards can therefore be brought to the next level.”

At the meeting, the cities discussed in small groups themes such as distribution channels, online sales and marketing, and trade opportunities. The highlight of the meeting was a discussion around a benchmarking survey undertaken amongst the city members that explored the various business models, marketing strategies, and the content of the product itself : transportation, museums, attractions, financial aspects, sales. The results have been compiled into a report which will be distributed to all ECM members next June in Copenhagen during their conference on ‘hospitality.’

“The ECM knowledge groups play a pivotal role in helping Cities develop new ideas, products, insight and solutions to European Cities’ competitive barriers. They provide the innovation and fresh new thinking to get break-through solutions” added Wendy Sieger, chairperson of the City Cards Knowledge Group.

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*ECM (European Cities Marketing) improves the competitiveness and performance of leading cities of Europe by providing a platform for convention, leisure and city marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, best practice and widen their network to build new business. European Cities Marketing is promoting and linking the interests of 110 members from more than 100 major cities in 32 countries.
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