The Power of Community

The promise of 2021

Just one month into the new year and it seems we are in for a rocky ride, as the pandemic challenges continue to unfold despite the promise of vaccines being distributed across the world. We are also only now starting to really understand the potential longer-term repercussions of lockdowns on businesses, on footfall and the liveliness of our cities, on the mental health of us all, on the world’s connectedness and accessibility, and on the future role of DMOs.

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, but the journey towards it seems long. What gets us through a long journey, however, is usually our travel companionship. That is why ECM is now kickstarting a new series of knowledge sharing, of best and next practice, of recovery planning and of celebrating the ECM community heroes. We call it “Power of Community” and it is about you. All of you. As each other’s companions on this rocky road. It’s about how we can use ECM community to build collaborative advantage by sharing, learning, meeting – and through that growing both as a community and as individual destinations and destination leaders.

POWER OF COMMUNITY is for ECM members and by ECM members. When we ask, what you want, you always want to hear more from each other – what is everyone else doing? How is everyone else facing this challenge or juggling these conditions? How are you measuring your progress, communicating with your stakeholders, planning your marketing, involving your local residents? You are the power and fuel of this community and we really want to hear from you today, tomorrow or anytime: do you have something to share with the rest of the community? Do you have a wicked problem that you need inspiration or new data to address? Do you prefer certain sharing formats to others? Let us know, so that we can fully leverage the power of this community together!

Thank you for your companionship! #WeareECM #PowerofCommunity