The DMMO Covid-19 Continuity Checklist

European Cities Marketing, the network of 125 European DMMOs improving the competitiveness and performance of leading cities of Europe, is publishing today “The DMMO Covid-19 Continuity Checklist – An ECM Guide for Sustainable Recovery”. Elaborated in partnership with TOPOSOPHY, this guide will prove to be a strong tool for DMMOs in this unprecedented time to face new challenges and create A New Tomorrow.

If there is one thing the Covid-19 epidemic is teaching us about, it is perspective. This crisis is presenting us with frequent personal and professional challenges which none of our ancestors ever encountered, no matter which corner of Europe we are in. ECM is deploying this new initiative aiming to put together the challenges that DMMOs are facing during this crisis and giving them a relevant and lucid support thanks to this Checklist. The purpose of this paper is to share insights that will help our colleagues, local entrepreneurs, political decision makers, visitors and of course, our local communities.
Petra Stusek, ECM President, declared: “At ECM we are continuing to empower the conversation with our members to support the whole tourism and meetings industry. We have been exchanging knowledge, new practices, but this report gives more of an overall perspective, recovery milestones, visions and approaches, and of course a precious Continuity Checklist for DMMOs“.

This practical and pertinent tool for a sustainable recovery is presented in three stages: Response, Recovery and Resilience. While keeping the dialogue, we want together as DMMO’s to take the right decisions and learn from the experience of others. It spans an extensive period precisely because the process of recovery is expected to be long, uneven and unpredictable. Petra Stusek concluded.

By producing this Continuity Checklist, TOPOSOPHY, an Industry Partner of ECM, has made a vital contribution towards guiding DMMOs in supporting local businesses and communities.

This DMMO Continuity Checklist is part of a series of activities ECM is undertaking to assist its members to navigate the challenges of today and prepare for “A New Tomorrow“. ECM launched a series of strategic communications: webinars, collaborative dashboard, insights, analysis, best practices, with purpose to share ideas and challenges, and envision together a new future of destinations rebuilt, and conventions reimagined.

Together we can create #ANewTomorrow