Supporting tourism’s recovery: destination and regional perspectives

CityDNA, ETOA and NECSTouR represent city destinations, the travel trade and regional governments’ tourism interests. Developing mutual benefit while securing a safe space for a vibrant visitor economy is our common concern. In addition to voices from these three organisations, ‘The Other Holland’ provided insight into how in-destination networks focused on sustainability might develop.

We explored the following issues:

  • How does a common vision for success in 2030 evolve? In this informal discussion, we explored how public-private sector collaboration can support positive change. Practical examples include product diversification and related promotion within the post-pandemic market.
  • While tourism’s significance has been recognised at EU level, how does that translate into national and regional recovery plans, all of which must also support the digital and green transitions? What tools do we need to share good practice and measure progress?



With the following panellists:
➡️ Tim Fairhurst, General Secretary, ETOA – European tourism association
➡️ Petra Stušek, CEO, Ljubljana Tourism and President CityDNA
➡️ Cristina Nuñez, Managing Director, NECSTouR
➡️ Nico De Mol, Travel Trade, Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen