During our last conference in Hamburg, European Destinations got re-united and produced this collective statement.


We, the alliance of European city destinations, stand with Ukraine.
This shocking war involves cities and countries whom we have been working with for years allowing excellent exchange of knowledge and collaboration.
We call on Russia to stop the war and come up with a peaceful resolution immediately.
We deeply condemn the outburst of the war that has resulted in many casualties and refugees, leading to the endangerment of European stability.
We have decided to suspend the membership of Russian cities to our alliance until further notice.
We express solidarity to Ukraine, our Ukrainian member cities and those countries helping Ukrainian refugees.
We send our appreciation to Russians supporting peace in these dark times.
We will do what we can as city destinations and as an alliance to help the Ukrainian people.
May this war end immediately sparing further unnecessary bloodshed.
Please, stop this war!



We also had the privilege to be joined by our colleagues in Lviv, Lidia Fedchuk, Head of TIC, Lviv Tourism Office & Sofiya Kayinska, Deputy Director, Lviv Convention Bureau to learn from people on the ground what is happening now in Ukraine and more importantly, what we can do to help.
They shared with us what they are doing to help international journalists, working on all levels to inform industry, associations and others on how best to help.
To help, please donate to https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate.