Research & Statistics


  • Coordinate research activities within the network and collaborate with ECM research partners.

Current actions

  • Publication ECM Meetings Statistics Report
  • Publication Research newsletter
  • Publication quarterly City Tourism Monitor
  • Publication ECM-MKG “European Destination’s Observatory”
  • Publication ECM-TCI Research reports
  • Publication ECM-ForwardKeys air travelers’ traffic barometer
  • Preparation to TourMIS workshop and international seminar in conjunction with ETC and the UNWTO

How can I contribute?

  • Send your stats. Benchmark your destination.
  • We need from all members:
    • Meetings statistics data 1/year
    • Financial situation 1/year

What can I get?

  • Learn how to benchmark yourself with other destinations on city tourism
  • Attend the TourMIS workshop
  • Get ECM regular reports in collaboration with ECM partners
  • In depth benchmarking with European counterparts during ECM meetings


Meetings Statistics Report
The Meetings Statistics Report is a monitoring and benchmarking tool supplying practical and actionable information on the volume and the economic significance of the convention business to city destinations.
In 2015, the report was based on a database containing information on more than 180,000 corporate and non-corporate meetings from 2010-2014. These meetings could be of international or national scope and all of them match the UNWTO definition. The report is published on a yearly basis and is available for free to ECM members exclusively on the ECM Intranet.
clé-intranetAccess to ECM members only!


ECM Research Newsletter
This newsletter is dedicated to research, statistics and benchmarking related to cities and urban destination marketing. You can view articles here.


City Tourism Monitor
This quarterly research exercise gives a more or less immediate ‘barometer’ type reading of the health or otherwise of city tourism. Through a survey of member city tourist offices and convention bureaux, it tracks perceptions as to the level of current and immediate future business across conventions and leisure tourism market segments. The results, with a supporting commentary, are returned promptly to all participating offices and bureaux and are all downloadable on the Intranet.
clé-intranetAccess to ECM members only! and the ECM – UNWTO – ETC – TourMIS workshop
TourMIS is an online data-base for city tourism managers and researchers, and forms the statistical basis for the European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report and other monitoring exercises.
An annual workshop is organised by ECM, the European Travel Commission (ETC) and MODUL University, offering training on the usage of the TourMIS system and highlighting new tools and methodologies for analysing city tourism. All information on


European Cities Benchmarking Tool 
The European Cities Online Benchmarking Tool is designed for administering the city tourism statistics in an easy and efficient way. The data is provided by TourMIS for the online system and is used to benchmark European cities based on their arrivals, bednights, capacity, and occupancy rates. The results of the benchmark calculations such as market volume, guest-mix share and percentage change are shown as graphs. In addition to these features, a forecasting function is available, which automatically calculates trends and forecasts based on the latest data in TourMIS.
clé-intranetAccess to ECM members only!


European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report
The annual European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report assesses trends and performance in city tourism demand by referring to the key measure of bednights spent by overnight stay tourists utilising commercial accommodation units. Over 120 cities participate in this unique benchmarking exercise which has been ongoing since 2004.
ECM members use the findings in the report to benchmark themselves and to inform operations, strategy and lobbying activities.
The report is distributed free to all members as a core component of their benefits package. The European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report is sold to external parties.


Join the experts:

Olivier Ponti Amsterdam Chairperson
Lone Alletorp Callard Copenhagen Vice-Chairperson
Alba Lajusticia Barcelona
Sophia Quint Berlin
Simon Detemmerman Brussels
Ina Duckstein Dresden
Claudia Pinna Genova
Alexandra Lorkowski Hamburg
Piia Raitavuo Helsinki
André Moura Lisbon
Louise Wilks London
Camilla Ekberg Malmö
Lidija Lalicic MODUL University Vienna
Irem Önder MODUL University Vienna
Karl Wöber MODUL University Vienna
Marie-Laure Marquet Monaco
Ralf Zednik Munich
Thomas Deschamps Paris
Anna-Karin Andersson Stockholm
Adrien Harmel Toulouse
Cristina Cerutti Turin
Clemens Költringer Vienna