Redefining Success – How DMOs can Drive Social & Community Well-Being

CityDNA and TOPOSOPHY released a report on ‘Redefining Success: How DMOs can Drive Social & Community Well-Being’. Building upon the success of previous joint collaborations, this paper takes a deeper dive into meaningful KPI design with practical applications and real world case study examples to support and empower DMOs to broaden their positive influence, measure their social impact and communicate their value contribution for the neighbourhoods, cities and regions they serve.

The report outlines eight Impact Themes with four KPI examples and four practical actions deliverable for each. Designed to be a comprehensive yet not exhaustive list, this report is intended as inspiration for DMOs to reframe their role through the purpose-driven lens of social and community well-being. An overview of measurement methodologies highlights the value of using a mix of traditional and emerging technologies with guidance on how DMOs can capture their impact by effectively communicating their positive contribution for people and for places.

CityDNA and TOPOSOPHY explored the topics and themes raised through this report in an online webinar.

Download the report: