Pier Paolo Mariotti: New Course Director for ECM Summer School

Pier Paolo Mariotti, Meeting Manager of EURAC Convention Center in Bolzano, Italy, is the new Course Director of ECM Summer School.

Before becoming the Course Director, Pier Paolo Mariotti had already been part of the ECM Summer School’s faculty, helping to shape up course content and becoming one of its speakers, emphasising the importance of the green agenda and the necessity for green events and their pivotal significance for the future development of the tourism and meetings industry. In 2009, he also hosted the 23rd Summer School in 2009 in the city of Bolzano, Italy.

Pier Paolo Mariotti takes over the course leadership of the ECM Summer School from Elisabeth Hansa, Managing director at Europeum Mariazell. She had served as Course Director for the last 3 years.

“I am extremely pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to be the new Course Director, but it is also a great challenge. In 2011 we are organising the 25th Summer School. This is a quarter of a century and in its own right this says a lot about the quality of this event. The faculty of ECM Summer School is very strong… and you don’t change your horse if you have the winning one. Of course, there are other aspects; the times are changing, the industry is developing, there are new technologies and media. The needs of students change accordingly and our task is to keep up and be ready to fulfil their expectations. There is one thing, in particular, I would like to focus on in the future – to involve the participants in a more active manner, giving them the opportunity to express their experience and to help them present their ideas in front of a large public of colleagues and professionals”, says Pier Paolo Mariotti.

Born in the heart of the Alps, Pier Paolo graduated in Economics and Business Administration at the Università degli Studi di Verona. He worked as photojournalist and travelled extensively in South East Asia for several European and Asian publishers. In 1994 he came back to Italy with his family, worked for the South Tyrol Convention Bureau and also set up the Torino Convention Bureau in 1999. Pier Paolo Mariotti is Founder and Director of “.IT Meetings and Incentives in Italy” and since 2003, has been a Meeting Manager at the European Academy of Bolzano and the Managing Director of the EURAC and TIS Convention Centers.

ECM Summer School

The ECM Summer School provides in-depth insights into the structure and functioning of the meetings industry. It sets the background and context to this most lucrative sector of tourism, illustrating its subject with up-to-date and cutting edge examples of European best practice. It is perfect for those just starting out in the sector and quickly wanting to get up to speed, and for those exploring the potential of the meetings industry as a tool of commercial and economic development. Course content is both relevant and practical, and at the same time is incisive and leading edge.

The 25th ECM Summer School will be hosted by the city of Krakow in Poland from 27th to 31st August 2011.

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