Overview of hotel performances in European cities: what can we learn from 2013?

cover page MKG 2013European Cities Marketing and MKG Hospitality just released  a new edition of the “European Destinations’ Observatory”, a tailor-made report dedicated to ECM members. In this issue, special attention is given to the overall results of the year 2013. Key hotel performance indicators such as the occupancy rate, daily rate and RevPAR are presented and analysed so as to identify the main trends and development over the whole year.

The “European Destinations’ Observatory” looks back at a good year for the hotel industry: the occupancy rate is on the rise in the vast majorities of European metropolises, usually (but not always) accompanied by an increase of the daily rates. In 2013, London, Amsterdam and Hamburg registered the highest occupancy rates while Venice, Florence and San Sebastian saw their RevPAR grow at a much faster pace than their competitors. This is good benchmark material and makes it possible for each city to draw its own lessons from the successes and failures of 2013.

The “European Destinations’ Observatory” is based on the HotelCompSet database of MKG Hospitality and is available to all ECM members via the intranet of the association.