New Board, New Vision The General Assembly in Gothenburg voted for a new ECM president, a vice-president for the Tourism Forum and six board members. Dieter Hardt-Stremayr (Managing Director of Graz Tourist Office) was elected ECM President, Stefan Diender (Director of Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board) has become Vice-President for the Tourism Forum and Olivier Lépine (General Manager of Biarritz Tourisme) continues his mandate as Vice-President for the Convention Forum of the association. The newly elected board members are as follows: Heike Mahmoud (Berlin), André Vrydagh (Brussels), Joaquin Miranda (Gijon), Rémy Cregut (Montreux), Denis Zanon (Nice) and Charlotte Ullberg (Uppsala). Airy Garrigosa (Barcelona), Cesare Torre (Genova) and Anne Wallin-Rodven (Oslo) continue their mandates as ECM board members.