Meetings Statistics Report 2014

cover page meetings stats report 2013 For the fourth consecutive year, ECM has conducted a detailed study on meetings and conference activity in Europe, with the assistance of ECM members. This year, 54 cities took part in the project, providing a list of 45,000 meetings held in 2013, and a total of 130,000 meetings in the five years from 2009 to 2013. The comparative analysis of corporate and non-corporate segments highlights very interesting trends, such as a steady increase in the non-corporate international segment: +18% for meetings and +10% for participant days between 2012 and 2013.

This year, a detailed benchmarking exercise for each segment will enable ECM members to study their MICE activity in depth and compare their own characteristics with other cities’. On this first occasion, the benchmark concerns 20 cities that provided detailed lists of events for each segment. Hopefully, this panel will grow each year, and more and more cities will formalise and improve their data collection so as to take part in this benchmarking study.

The report will be finalised in the coming weeks, and will be available free of charge to all ECM members.