MEET EUROPE in Washington, D.C.

For the first time in its history, Meet Europe was held in the United States. The workshop for ECM Convention members took place on 28th January 2009 in Washington, D.C.

On 28th January 2009, European cities had the opportunity to meet event managers, meeting planners and organizers of European and International Conventions, all looking for new destinations in Europe.
The whole event took place in Newseum, one of the most prominent museums of the world, situated in the city of Washington D.C. Apart from the workshop itself which offered participants numerous business opportunities, this year’s Meet Europe was enriched by lunch, a presentation and a panel discussion. The speaker at the afternoon presentation, Catherine Lee, mixed ‘example stories’ with very specific tips to increase buyers’ understanding of how to negotiate effectively, even when the business styles of the two parties are quite different. 
“It was nicely organized, everything went smoothly, we met about thirty hosted buyers and we had a lot of inquiries. It met my expectations perfectly. I have been working for the US market for 4 years and I think it was a very good idea to hold this workshop in the United States. The format of the event was really suitable for the US market and I hope that Meet Europe will continue to take place in the United States in the future,” comments Zlatan Muftic, Zagreb Convention Bureau, one of the representatives of the supplier-cities.

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