Lviv Tourism Conference

Lviv, capital city of the West Ukraine, will hold its annual city tourism conference in November, “Win with the Lion!”, with great support by European Cities Marketing, the network of city tourism in Europe. While last year Dieter Hardt-Stremayr, ECM president, had addressed the stakeholders of tourism in Lviv, this year Dr John Heeley, CEO of ECM, will give a lecture to the conference theme „How to catch trends and travellers.“ With him, representatives of the ECM member cities Berlin, Vienna, and Graz and of Modul University Vienna will be among the speakers as well as entrepreneurs from Istanbul and Moscow.

The conference, taking place from 24 to 25 November 2011, will be the third since Lviv’s tourist officers started a cooperation with their colleagues in Vienna in 2008. The conference is organised in close partnership with the Lviv City Council and Lviv tourism stakeholders.
Contributions to the conference theme will come from Prof. Dr. Andreas Zins, Modul University Vienna, Gabriela Schweinberger, Director of Customer Services, Berlin Tourism Marketing GmbH
Germany, Susanne Höller, Head of Marketing and Sales, Graz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing Gmbh
Austria, Olga Tikhonova, who is running gastronomic marketing in Istanbul, Katrin Heintschel, strategic planning manager at the Vienna Tourist Board, Ruslan Ashymkanov, partner and director of Trout & Partners marketing consultants in Moscow, and Christian Gessl, expert on Central and East Europe at the Austrian Chamber of Economy.
While ECM member Lviv is enjoying the benefits of the network of more than 130 European city destinations.
Lviv is on the European map since 775 years, counted 700,000 inhabitants recently and is seat of four universities. It’s city center, enrolled on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is attracting visitors from many countries with a lavishy decorated opera house opened in 1900, with architecture from renaissance to art déco and with churches of four christian confessions. Until 1918, Lviv has been the capital city of Galicia and Lodomeria, Imperial Austria’s easternmost crownland. Ukrainians are treasuring the city as part of their national history. The city is called Lwow in Russian and Polish, Lemberg in German and Leopolis in Latin. The lion is the heraldic animal of Lviv.