Launch of European City Cards website: 34 City Cards at a glance

Thirty-four cities now present their City Cards on the brand new website that has been launched on 24 July 2008:

This useful website is a result of a successful project of 34 cities in Europe working together with European Cities Marketing*. European City Cards is a service developed by some of the European cities in order to provide visitors with a convenient card that permits them to benefit from numerous discounts and advantageous tariffs on museums, historical monuments, public transport, parks, restaurants, shops and many others. 
The website provides visitors with a great number of interesting tips on the cities and places to visit. It also gives information about the City Cards content, special offers and enables the visitors to plan their trip around Europe. To purchase a City Card, the visitors simply click on the chosen destination and get directly on the city’s website.

For more information, please contact European Cities Marketing Service Centre.

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