Trend Room

The Reason Why | Purpose

The Trend Room aims to bring City Destinations Alliance to the very forefront of trends and innovations in the urban cityscape by developing an in-house trend watching hub where thought leaders find each other to discuss the future of cities and the visitor economy and by providing the CityDNA members with inspirational ideas and insights to help them develop new strategies for the future.

Trends and innovations about the relevance and role of the DMO, the resilience of cities, integrated place making and place branding, consumer behaviour, travel industry evolutions, economical insights about regenerative tourism, urban development and urban planning.

Goals & Guiding Principles


  • A living lab
  • We share ideas and discuss topics with worldwide experts, future thinkers and trend watchers.
  • We cultivate an open mind set to change and challenge each other.
  • We learn about evolutions we are not yet aware of.
  • We help cities to master the VUCA world.


  • Assemble best practices, city cases, academic papers, challenging talks, interviews, essays.
  • We look for answers to the issues we face now.
  • But with the next 10 years in scope to manage the evolutions ahead.
  • The world is our school and we learn from global pioneers.


  • We gather our strengths with the CityDNA knowledge groups.
  • We exchange ideas with international organisations focused on visitor economy.
  • Provide for good quality talks during City Destinations Alliance general events.
  • Bring forward experts with insightful stories.
  • Match them with best practices and cases.

What we do | Action Plan

  • Gather expertise via a network of opinion leaders.
  • Share knowledge and insights via Trend Talks, Trend Flash newsletter and City Destinations Alliance Intranet.
  • Nurture cross-collaboration.
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Claire Mertens 03-2021

Claire Mertens, Antwerp


Davy Jansergers 07-2021

Davy Jansegers, Lausanne


Trend Room Group members

  • Martijn Peschke, Amsterdam
  • Kerstin Bock, Berlin
  • Kai Dietrich, Hamburg
  • Stefan Nöthen, Hamburg
  • Lucie Vangerven, Leuven
  • Barbara Jamison, London
  • Yvonne Coulin, Nuremberg