The Reason Why | Purpose

We as citizens of this planet face immense global challenges: climate crisis, biodiversity loss, species extinction, health crisis, urbanization, digitalization, limits of economic growth.

As destination representatives, we acknowledge that cities – along with politics, private organizations, and the civil society – need to take responsibility, now.

We believe that European cities have the potential to play a key role for an inspiring, inclusive and positive transformation towards an economy and society that respects the planetary boundaries and works towards a more resilient future.

Due to the immense complexity, we can only succeed if we work together and learn from each other.

Goals & Guiding Principles

  • We want to support and positively contribute to the development of the DMOs of tomorrow as well as to enable the development of sustainable urban tourism destinations.
  • Our framework and point of departure are the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our role is to accelerate the necessary transformation, help unlock barriers and initiate collaboration/innovation/solutions towards these goals within European cities tourism.
  • More specifically, our goal is to inspire all CityDNA members to integrate sustainability into their DNA when developing, managing and promoting a destination. We encourage DMOs to challenge previous growth strategies, to initiate a transparent impact assessment process based on the triple bottom line approach and to harmonize private tourism strategies with public government strategies.
  • Finally, by building up a strong network among sustainability leaders/managers within Europe, we contribute to the empowerment and professionalisation of this increasingly important role within DMOs of the future.

What we do | Action Plan

We inspire and support European DMOs in accelerating the development and management of sustainable urban tourism destinations and sustainability strategies by:

  • Providing a learning platform: we transparently create, gather and share insights, knowledge and best practices
  • Finding consensus about key definitions, concepts, labels, rankings, tools and roles
  • Proposing new common KPIs for tourism destinations beyond the number of overnight stays
  • Inspiring action by showcasing how to make sustainability concrete
  • Activating European funds for sustainable tourism (e.g., European Union funding)
  • Collaborating, engaging and involving with other CityDNA KGs to use synergies and increase the impact
  • Creating access and translating information into the local context and to relevant stakeholders
Sustainability Logo CityDNA
Katarina Thorstensson 03-2021

Katarina Thorstensson, Gothenburg


Birgit Liukkonen 02-2022

Birgit Liukkonen, Helsinki


Sustainability Group Members

  • Maya Janssen, Amsterdam
  • Jessy Van Strydonck, Antwerp
  • Luisa Mentz, Berlin
  • Stefaan Praet, Bruges
  • Kathleen Davisters, Brussels
  • Maria del Mar Gil Cruz, Catalonia
  • Pil Krogh Tygesen, Copenhagen
  • Simone Trommer-Tiedemann, Dresden
  • Bart Rondas, Ghent
  • Nuria Prats, Girona
  • Theresa Geissel, Innsbruck
  • Olivier Mathieu, Lausanne
  • Alenka Soršak, Ljubljana
  • Sabine Schwanz, Madrid
  • Estelle Antognelli, Monaco
  • Ursula Dietmair, Munich
  • Nina Knode, Nuremberg
  • Angeles Torregrosa, Sevilla
  • Yael Froman-Ideses, Tel Aviv
  • Jaume Mata, Valencia
  • Andrea Kostner, Vienna