Marketing & Communication

The Reason Why | Purpose

  • There is a very close relationship between marketing and communication. No marketing strategy can be created and be successful without clear communication techniques. Finding the right communication strategy for each destination is a key part in DMOs’ tasks nowadays.
  • Our mission is to contribute on the process to create awareness of the positive aspects of Destinations, through marketing strategies and a correct communication plan to help DMOs promote their city through online and offline channels.
  • Our target group is the marketing and communication teams from DMOs that are willing to learn, share, and work together on projects for City DNA members.

Goals & Guiding Principles

  • Create a knowledge hub about marketing & communication strategy and practices.
  • Inspire successful business transformation and new initiatives based on digital and innovation.
  • Gather and share insights on the tourism marketing landscape across Europe.
  • To help destinations improve the promotion management of their city.

What we do | Action Plan

  • Share best practices on (digital) communication.
  • Content creation for marketing & communication hub on CityDNA Intranet.
  • Search for new lecturers for CityDNA conferences and chats.
  • Organisation of webinars about (digital) marketing & communication topics.
  • Benchmarking: (Digital) marketing & communication KPIs Survey (in collaboration with Research & Insights Knowledge Group).
  • Collaboration with CityDNA partners.
  • Sharing tools and platforms that can help DMOs grow and learn.
Marketing & Communication Logo CityDNA
Abigail Siguenza 10-2022

Abigail Sigüenza, Madrid


Vicky Van Daele 02-2022

Vicky Van Daele, Ghent


Marketing & Communication Group Members

  • Fleur Wienhoven, Amsterdam
  • Anna-Maria Chatzidaki, Athens
  • Els Van Zele, Mechelen
  • Rupert Geiger, Munich
  • Iuliia Zinchenko, Odessa
  • Ainhoa Córdoba, San Sebastian