City Cards

The Reason Why | Purpose

The City Cards Knowledge Group’s purpose is to challenge and support DMOs across Europe in the development of their city cards.

The aim is to strengthen the city cards community through enhanced benchmarking facilitated by surveys, Expert Meetings, shared learnings, and discussions.

Goals & Guiding Principles

  • Gather insights and share experiences and knowledge on how to set up, run and sell a city card.
  • Provide a platform where managers & product developers can network and discuss the latest trends on city card marketing, strategy & product development, and what are their challenges.
  • Promote European city cards to the public and trade industry.
  • Increase consumers’ awareness and encourage their purchase of city cards when travelling, as a sustainable and practical product, which can generate revenue for the city.

What we do | Action Plan

The City Cards Project is a reliable network of cities, aiming to gather and share their knowledge. Some of their main actions are:

  • Annual City Cards Expert Meeting.
  • Annual Benchmarking survey on European city cards.
  • City Cards branding campaign
  • Online discussion on Zoom every two months about city card related topics.
  • Inspiring webinars (3-4 per year).
  • Participation in CityDNA Conference to provide networking opportunities, making sure the City Cards Project is on the CityDNA agenda.
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Melissa Clauzing, Amsterdam


Gianluca Camaggio, Barcelona


City Cards Group Members

  • Melanie Rocco, Berlin
  • Anna Michelle Schermal, Hamburg
  • Danijel Omerzel, Ljubljana
  • Tatiana Lopes, Porto
  • Christine Kupka, Vienna