Hotels in German Cities out-perform in a tough European trading environment


European Cities Marketing released findings from its latest “European Destinations Observatory” produced by MKG Hospitality which indicate a strong performance from key German city hotels in 2012 compared to other key European cities.

The results in selected German city RevPAR growth in 2012 compared to 2011 are highlighted as follows : 

Munich +11 %
Nuremberg +10.5 %
Leipzig +8.8 %
Berlin +7.7%
Stuttgart +7.4 %
Dusseldorf +5.2 %
Hamburg +2.3%
Hanover +1.4 %


These results can be compared to a very mixed performance in the rest of Europe. Generally, the picture remains more difficult in the south. In Italy the RevPARs of all the sampled cities (Rome, Bologne, Florence, Milan, Venice) registered negative results. Spanish cities such as Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza are also experiencing loses in year to year performance. However, all is not negative on the Spanish market since Northern cities are still resisting well, with Bilbao up by 4.2% and Barcelona by 3.8%.

Garry White, CEO of European Cities Marketing said “the picture changed quite dramatically in the last half of 2012. August was generally a good month across European cities and there was an after-glow from a series of international sports (including the London Olympics) big professional fairs and events. Now we are in a much tougher trading environment. Daily rates however appear to be steady in the global gateways of Paris, London and Rome and Copenhagen, Helsinki and Turin.”


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