European Cities Marketing launches an insights report mapping the world of the digital nomad and how cities can boost their attractiveness

We hear the words ‘digital nomad’ all the time, yet who are we really talking about, and why do destinations seem so keen to attract them? To answer this question, European Cities Marketing has launched a ground-breaking report “Understanding the world of the digital nomad: How can cities tap into new sources of travelling global talent?” produced in partnership with place making and marketing agency, TOPOSOPHY.

The global labour market is currently in a state of huge flux. The pandemic is just one of the catalysts that’s pushing professionals worldwide to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle and career. With both workers and employers looking for unprecedented levels of flexibility, could this lead to a new wave of “global nomads”? What do destinations looking to attract digital nomads need to know first?

The new European Cities Marketing’s report examines the digital nomad lifestyle in more detail and explores the opportunities and challenges that the digital nomad market could bring to cities that want to become more attractive to the ‘long stay’ market. The study contains a wide range of practical insights that define who digital nomads really are and what they seek from a place to live and work. The report includes a comprehensive map of the digital nomad “ecosystem” and explains how cities can make sure they get the most from this dynamic market.

Manolis Psarros, TOPOSOPHY‘s CEO said, “TOPOSOPHY are delighted to support the European Cities Marketing community with insights that can help them to think differently about who their cities are attractive to, and why. Digital nomads have been on the radar for many years now, and this tribe has clearly seen a boost by the pandemic. With the right approach, cities can turn this to their advantage and dip into new sources of travelling global talent. We also believe that the ecosystem of businesses that has flourished to service this market can teach us many useful lessons about the wider hospitality industry and how it’s evolving to reflect the shifting patterns of how we all work, rest and play in the 21st century.”

About the report, Petra Stušek, ECM President said “I am proud that ECM tackles this current trend, highlighting concrete tips for destinations, what cities can gain from attracting digital nomads and what they can lose. The report also showcases different strategic perspectives with a number of inspiring case studies from around the globe.”

“I would like to thank TOPOSOPHY for producing this high-quality report on one of the most important learnings for our industry. I trust readers will find the analyses contained in the report helpful as they will track how their city already caters to the market and how they can be on the digital nomad map.” concluded ECM President, Petra Stušek.

The report is available on European Cities Marketing’s Website and you can watch the webinar on the launch on European Cities Marketing’s YouTube Channel.




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