Europe meets the American market:

Washington, D.C. has been chosen by European Cities Marketing as the host city of the next edition of Meet Europe – a workshop for ECM Convention members.  

On 28th January 2009, for the first time in the history of Meet Europe, the European cities will meet top quality buyers in Washington, D.C. including organizers of European and International Conventions, event managers and meeting planners looking for new destinations in Europe.
The whole event will take place in Newseum, one of the most prominent museums of the world. The rich programme will offer its participants numerous business opportunities in the course of an interactive workshop, a panel discussion and, of course, the obvious networking possibilities.
“The associative character of ECM and the globalization of tourism development is causing us to work together increasingly closely in order to promote Europe not as individual cities but as a whole. Nowadays, Europe is a unique destination. Unique because it is united and unique because it is special. Our task is to promote it as such to buyers from other continents,” explains Olivier Lépine (ECM vice-president and chairperson of the Conventions Forum).

For more information, please contact European Cities Marketing Head Office

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