Editorial Board


  • The Editorial Board is in charge of the ‘European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report’ as well as further development &improvement of the report and securing its data quality and consistency
  • The ECM Benchmarking Report is an essential reading for city tourism professionals, consultants, academics and students

 Curent actions

  • Production of the ECM Benchmarking Report
  • Improvement of internal and external promotional activities for the report

How can I contribute?

  • Make sure your city is part of the ECM Benchmarking Report, enter your bednights in TourMIS on a monthly or annual basis: www.tourmis.info

What can I get?

  • Unique source of insights on the volume of city tourism
  • A firm reference tool when benchmarking city tourism- Answering vital market intelligence’s needs
  • Over 100 leading European cities analyzed
  • Featuring top markets for city tourism
  • Extended commentary and over 100 graphs and charts- Expert-based analysis of current year assessment of market prospects


Clemens Költringer