ECM Pre-Conference / After the Pandemic: The Whats and Whatnots

The Pre-Conference gathered experts of data, trends, marketing and decision-making that helped answer many questions for what’s next. The fast-paced exploration started with the completely fresh ECM Benchmarking Report results, demonstrating the complete reshuffle of city destinations during the pandemic. Next, attendees dived into what data can tell us about the next normal of travel behaviors and patterns. Then, the pre-conference shifted to a focus on reacting or adapting with both research and tools for next normal practice, and finished with a disasterclass on how to navigate a future of uncertainty!

Speakers of the day: Pierre Becerril, Transparent Intelligence, Anna Borduzha, Mabrian, Magnus Hessbo, Visit Stockholm, Kuno Huisman, Tilburg University (via CELTH), Dan Holowack, CrowdRiff, Luca Romozzi, Sojern, Martin Schobert, Saint Elmo’s, Emmanuelle Tulliez, MKG, & Karl Wöber, Modul University Vienna.

Recording of the Pre-conference is available here: