Download the ECM Meeting Statistics Report 2013… and collect your data for the 2014 edition!

cover page meetings stats report 2013Since 2011, the annual ECM Meeting Statistics Report has provided a unique overview of the level of activity in the meeting industry in European cities. One of the distinctive features of the report is that, contrary to its ICCA and UIA counterparts, it encompasses both corporate, non-corporate, international and national meetings.

In 2013, 52 cities were able and willing to share their data with ECM – a new record for this project – and made it possible once again to analyse the main trends and developments in the sector. The report enables each participating city to benchmark its own performance with those of its competitors and understand where it did better or worse than average.

The ECM Meeting Statistics Report 2013, together with an excel file with all key charts, is available free of charge to ECM members. It can be downloaded on the Intranet. Please note that this report is for the exclusive use of ECM members.

The ECM Research & Statistics Group will be working hard to produce the next edition of the ECM Meeting Statistics Report. To achieve the highest quality, we need good data and this data has to be collected on time by each city. Now is the moment, so if you want to be part of the 2014 report, you have to start gathering information today. You will find the table template for the 2014 data collection here. Good luck!


For the Meeting Statistics Report 2013, a subsidiary working group was established from the Research & Statistics Knowledge Group and consisted of the following members: Olivier Drouet (Economic Analyst, ECM Head Office), Olivier Ponti (Manager Research & Development, Amsterdam Marketing / Chairman ECM Research & Statistics Knowledge Group), André Moura (Head of Research and Statistics, Turismo de Lisboa) and Camilla Ekberg (Project Manager Development/Research, Malmö Tourism)


Olivier Ponti
Chairperson, ECM Research & Statistics Group
Research Manager, Amsterdam Marketing