DestinationNEXT, a roadmap for the future of destination marketing organisations!

DestinationNEXT is the first step of the partnership between ECM and Destinations International, bringing the industry, the community and the marketplace together through a powerful assessment tool launched in 2015. Its vision is to provide DMOs with actionable strategies for sustainable success within their world.

This two-phase project looks at both key trends in the industry as well as an objective self-assessment to identify a path for the future. To date, more than 300 destinations have participated in DestinationNEXT, such as Copenhagen, Denmark and Geneva, Switzerland.


  1. Research

The foundation of DestinationNEXT is data collected from 327 tourism bureaux to assemble the most significant travel trends and the top strategies that tourism bureaux can use.

The trends and strategies were condensed into three “Transformational Opportunities” that tourism bureaus could embrace to elevate their effectiveness, forming the DNA for DestinationNEXT.

This study is available complimentary to all ECM members.


  1. Actionable Tools

Phase 2 was designed to build upon this work to provide destinations with practical tools to capitalize on these opportunities. With the launch of DestinationNEXT Phase 2, three tools are being made available to the tourism community:

  • An  Online Diagnostic Tool: designed for destinations to complete an objective self-assessment which can help them determine priorities and strategies for the future.
  • DestinationNEXT Workshops: Designed to assist tourism bureaux in bringing stakeholders together around a common vision. DestinationNEXT Workshops are already being implemented by tourism bureaux around the globe to develop strategic plans, business plans and tourism master plans.
  • Practice Handbook: which includes 10 NEXT and 20 BEST practices and case studies.


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