COMMUNITY HEROES SERIES #1 – Meet Katarina Thorstensson!


The secret of any strong community?… people! Our ECM community is powered by members and partners working to not only stand stronger together, but also run faster and smarter alongside each other. As part of our new series Power of Community, we will be putting focus on our members – our community heroes, who contribute their valuable time, experiences and resources to power the community and through that provide value and inspiration to us all.

We start our celebration of community heroes by zooming in on one of the core building blocks of our community – the ECM Knowledge Groups. It is through Knowledge Groups that we build collective insights, share experiences and inspire new ideas and solutions.

In 2020, the ECM community welcomed a new Knowledge Group on Sustainability – initiated by Katarina Thorstensson of Gothenburg, Sweden and in this first episode of celebrating ECM Community Heroes we will learn from Katarina what motivated her to start this group, what they are working on at the moment and the ambitions shared within the group for the coming year and beyond.