City Destinations Alliance elected Executive Committee and Board Members

At the General Assembly of the newly formed City Destinations Alliance (formerly European Cities Marketing) held in Hamburg on March 30, 2022, Board Members, Treasurer and Vice-President for Leisure and Tourism were elected by the association’s members.

During ECM International Conference & General Assembly in Hamburg gathering more than 190 persons last week, Michael Otremba (Hamburg) was elected by the General Assembly as Vice-President dedicated to Leisure & Tourism for a duration of 1 year. Tom Bellion (Luxembourg) was also confirmed as the Treasurer of the association for a mandate of 2 years.

The newly elected board members are as follows: Vagelis Vlachos (Athens), Patrik Romano (Bologna), Patrick Bontinck (Brussels), Sabine Schwanz (Madrid), Miguel Angel Pérez (Valencia). Geerte Udo (Amsterdam) was re-elected as board member for a second mandate.

Petra Stušek (Ljubljana) goes on with her role as President of City Destinations Alliance. Barbara Jamison (London) pursues her role as Vice-President dedicated to City Marketing and Sam Johnston keep on with his role as Vice-President Meetings Industry (Manager, Dublin Convention Bureau). Susanne Höller (Graz), Yvonne Coulin (Nuremberg) and Christian Lunde (Oslo) continue their mandates as the association’s Board Members.

Current Executive Committee of City Destinations Alliance:

  • Petra Stušek, President (CEO, Ljubljana Tourism)
  • Michael Otremba, Vice-President Leisure & Tourism (CEO, Hamburg Tourismus)
  • Sam Johnston, Vice-President Meetings Industry (Manager, Dublin Convention Bureau)
  • Barbara Jamison, Vice-President City Marketing (Tourism Sector Head, London & Partners)
  • Tom Bellion, Treasurer (Director, Luxembourg City Tourist Office)

Current Board Members of City Destinations Alliance:

  • Geerte Udo (CEO, amsterdam&partners)
  • Vagelis Vlachos (CEO, Athens Development and Destination Management Agency)
  • Patrik Romano (Managing Director, Bologna Welcome)
  • Patrick Bontinck (CEO, brussels)
  • Susanne Höller (Head of Destination Marketing, Graz Tourismus und Stadtmarketing)
  • Sabine Schwanz (Director Travel Trade & Connectivity, Madrid Destino)
  • Yvonne Coulin (CEO, Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office)
  • Christian Lunde (CEO, VisitOSLO)
  • Miguel Angel Pérez (Brand & Markets Director, VISIT VALÈNCIA)