Call for Speakers: Re-United DestiNations

After almost two years in the shadow of the global pandemic, we eye a new beginning for urban tourism. It is time to rethink the purpose and perspectives of urban tourism to a new reality where tourism becomes part of the solution and not the problem. Without ignoring the negative impact of mass tourism on our cities and communities, it is up to policy makers and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) to change both the aims and narratives of urban tourism, to make tourism a force for good.

At the ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2022, we will explore the new horizon for urban tourism. We will search for new narratives and review the core virtues and values of explorative travel and international meetings: Connecting, learning and growing together. For the first time in almost three years, we organise a physical conference where all ECM members and their peers can finally meet again and pick up the conversation of how to make tourism a meaningful and valuable asset for Europe’s cities and communities.

With this Call for Speakers, European Cities Marketing (ECM) in association with Hamburg Tourismus and Group NAO invites speakers from both within and outside the visitor ecosystem to share ideas, learnings and strategies for the future. We invite ECM’s member DMOs, knowledge partners, experts and thought leaders to help us find ways and ideas as to how urban tourism can leave a positive impact on people, place and planet.

If you answer this call, you need to prepare for an interactive and co-creative format. We welcome any great ideas for formats or different approaches to presenting, sharing and learning together. Please also note that the conference will be in English, no translation will be available.

We always look for quality content and topicality first – then we strive for diversity – in gender, cultural background, in geography and more. We welcome and encourage leads and submissions from everyone. This also includes speakers of varying exposure and experience – the important thing is that you tap into the theme and have something to share.

Please submit your proposals and leads to ECM associates and conference designers, Group NAO by January 5, 2022. ECM and Group NAO reserve the right to select the best suited proposals regarding the theme of the conference!
Expect to hear from us mid-January.