10 Reasons to Attend #DTIC2015

Here are 10 reasons to eliminate any excuses for not attending #DTIC2015 in Barcelona this year. These 10 reasons include an introduction to the theme of the event, insights into new concepts and sessions, plus, an offer to receive a destination free workshop.

So before making your decision, take a look below at DTTT’s 10 reasons to attend:

  1. Digital Transformation

The theme for this years event is Digital Transformation. Focusing on the different stages of a digital transformation, we aim to provide destinations with a roadmap of what they should do, and when. Looking at destinations who are preparing for the transformation, to those who are actively transforming their organisation, to those who have succeeded in becoming truly digital destinations.

  1. Understand How to Transform your Destination

In recognising the need, and importance, for DMOs to transform, we have produced a modular framework to aid Destinations throughout their digital transformation. By offering an initial assessment, DMOs can identify, and begin to understand, the opportunities and challenges that they may face as a destination, and how they can implement these into a roadmap to success.

  1. Seeding and Maintaining Success

We often focus on the power of great content when we talk about the evolution of digital and the role that it plays in our communications mix. However, due to the rapid evolution in mobile, and the importance of social engagement, it’s crucial to be on the right channel at the right time. Understand the factors that come into play towards succeeding online, the importance of combining great content with powerful reach, and how to find the right balance between tactics and strategy to achieve great results.

  1. Programme & Speakers

Once again, the Digital Tourism Think Tank is proud to be hosting an extensive line up of inspiring speakers from around the world at #DTIC2015, including:

  • Chad Wiebesick, Director of Social Media and Interactive Marketing at Pure Michigan, on live video campaigns and the use of wearable technology.
  • Daniel Steiner, Director of Digital at Austrian National Tourist Board, presenting the final chapter of their full-scale site redevelopment.
  • Daan Richard, founder of Prophets, on Innovating to become true industry leaders.
  • Stewart Smith, Senior Sales Director at Sojern, talking about the hot topic of ‘programmatic advertising’.
  • Chris Chambers, Director of Digital Marketing at Tourism Queensland, shares insights into their recent investment in beacon infrastructure.
  • Doug Lansky looking at whether you understand your destination from the visitor’s perspective.
  • Heidi Sørvig, CEO of Visit Sørlandet, on the Arena Usus Cluster & Transformation.

Take a look at the full programme for Day 1 and Day 2 online and follow us on Twitter @think_tourism as we interact with the speakers on the lead up to #DTIC2015.

  1. Take Your Team

Take your team to #DTIC2015 in Barcelona and, in return, Nick or Ramona, will travel to your office, or selected city, and provide a holistic marketing workshop for FREE. This half day workshop will focus on taking advantage of digital opportunities, through creative marketing campaigns, in order to extract the maximum potential from your destination.

  1. DMO Battles

2 DMOs | 10 Minutes | 10 Slides: The DMO Battles are a fun and exciting new concept that we are introducing at #DTIC2015 in order to further examine the hot topics in the industry. Two DMOs will have the opportunity to present on any aspect in digital marketing, whether that be between social media platforms, or the ownership of a natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights.

Want to be a part of the DMO Battles? Get in touch for your chance to win.

  1. Trend Perspectives

Introducing another new session at #DTIC2015, Trend Perspectives will provide delegates with a true insight into how the industry experts are implementing and utilising specific digital tourism marketing tools. Social media, content marketing, mobile platforms, wearables, nearables and hearables, and micro-blogging communities are just some of the topics that we will be looking at assessing.

  1. Travel Thinkathon

On Wednesday 18th November we are hosting a Travel Thinkathon.  The Thinkathon will see a combination of the sharpest and brightest minds in the tourism marketing industry collaborate to create and develop original and fascinating ideas and concepts.

Take advantage of the Early Bird ticket before 31st July, and register you and your partners attendance to just the Thinkathon. If you are attending both events, you can purchase a DTIC2015-Thinkathon Combi ticket here.

  1. Meltdown Party

After a fantastic social event last year at #DTIC2014, our only intention is to make this years better than ever. Hosted at the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona  “a theme park for adults”, this magnificent venue is home to the the unpasteurised fresh Moritz beer. This is the perfect opportunity to network, and we all know that some music and a drink make that all the easier.

Take a look back at last years social here, and we’ll reveal more on this years event in the coming weeks.

  1. This is #DTIC2015

In case you needed anymore persuading to attend our flagship event in Barcelona, take a minute to watch our This is #DTIC2015 video below and I can assure you, you won’t need anymore convincing.


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