The convention destination Cologne is “on fire”

Titel-3D Meeting Point Cologne®Axel Schulten KölnTourismus GmbHThe new Meeting Point Cologne brochure published by the Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) puts the city in the limelight as a destination for conferences, meetings and events. The 138-page handbook for the event management sector presents in seven chapters the various facets of Cologne as a convention destination. These include the city’s strong scientific and economy sector, its numerous congresses and trade fairs, its multifaceted cultural scene and its top-class events – just as the special Rhenish way of life that makes Cologne unique.

After the last two editions of Meeting Point Cologne took air and earth as their respective themes, the current edition for 2015/2016 follows a fiery-red thread through the brochure. Cologne, a city of contrasts, demonstrates that a changing population and the transformations it sets in motion have tremendous social relevance. That’s why the brochure focuses on the theme chosen for this year by the Cologne Science Forum (KWR) – longevity and diversity in Cologne – and showcases the synergies between the convention sector and the local areas of scientific expertise in Cologne.

The three interview partners in the brochure are also fiery passion for Cologne and have provided highly interesting personal insights into their special areas of expertise. Professor Jens Brüning is a genuine Cologne native and the scientific coordinator of the cluster of excellence CECAD (Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases) at the University of Cologne. He explains why CECAD is so successful and reveals his favourite spot in Cologne. Professor Christiane Woopen, Managing Director of CERES (Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics and Social Sciences of Health), and Professor Stefan Schneider, Vice-President of External Relations and Knowledge Management of the German Sport University Cologne, present impressive aspects of their respective areas of scientific research – and point out why Cologne is the perfect location for the pursuit of science.

The photo shoot for this edition was a radiant joy for the five-person team of the CCB. Instead of showcasing the convention sector as usual, the team itself was set in scene by the makeup artists of the Cologne Opera. In line with the Cologne Science Forum’s current theme of social change, the CCB team had a number of years temporarily added to their actual ages.

Meeting Point Cologne provides information in German and English and also lists more than 100 location and service partners in its “Services” section, such as meeting venues, catering services and providers of social programmes.

The e-paper and all of the information about location and event partners can be found at You can order a print copy free of charge at info‎ @ ‎


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