Tourist Information Centres

The Reason Why | Purpose

The Tourist Information Centres Knowledge Group’s purpose is to generously share knowledge and knowhow, research and insights, contacts and friendships, with the goal of maximising the present and future impact of visitor information servicing across our European network of DMOs.

Goals & Guiding Principles

  • Support the operation of viable, valuable, and efficiently run TICs.
  • Promote innovation in the delivery of TIC services and products through the sharing of ideas and knowhow.
  • Explore the main trends and how they impact-on and inform the service we deliver.
  • Advise DMOs on the development of alternative forms of information provision and on the most efficiencies and productivity ways of delivering same.
  • Define how visitor information services can play an even greater role in the promotion and development of a destination.
  • Encourage professional training and promote a culture of staff recognition.
  • Last but not least, facilitate the creation of productive and long-lasting friendships across our sector.

What we do | Action Plan

  • Annual TIC Expert Meeting. Focusing on hot topics, challenges, and the sharing of informative case studies.
  • Online discussion on Zoom with full network to discuss the latest trends, innovations and challenges impacting Tourism Information Centres across Europe.
  • The delivery of a TIC Hostmanship Award that promotes service excellence and reinforces the culture of recognition.
  • TIC Survey among CityDNA members.
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Pablo Ortega Novillo 02-2022

Pablo Ortega Novillo, Catalonia


Esther Virto 05-2022

Esther Virto, Bilbao


Tourist Information Centres Group Members

  • Adil Abbach, Amsterdam
  • Gary Breen, Dublin
  • Annelie Karlsson, Gothenburg
  • Mari Somero, Helsinki
  • Klaar Van Hoeymissen, Leuven
  • Nace Koncilja, Ljubljana