Digital Destinations

The Reason Why | Purpose

The Digital Destinations Knowledge Group’s purpose is to connect people and destinations through digital communication and to support the discovery, confrontations and use of new technologies for an increasingly aware and sustainable tourism.

Goals & Guiding Principles

  • Create a knowledge hub about digital strategy and all electronic communication channels
  • Provide expertise to help DMOs adopt and embrace a digital way of thinking
  • Inspire successful business transformation and new initiatives based on digital and innovation
  • Gather and share insights on the digital tourism landscape across Europe

What we do | Action Plan

  • Share best practices on digital communication
  • Content creation for digital hub on City Destinations Alliance Intranet
  • Search for new lecturers for CityDNA conferences and chats
  • Organisation of webinars about digital topics
  • Benchmarking: Digital KPIs Survey (in collaboration with Research & Insights Knowledge Group)
  • Collaboration with -digital first- CityDNA partners
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Carola Valls 02-2022

Carola Valls, Benidorm


Vicky Van Daele 02-2022

Vicky Van Daele, Ghent


Digital Destinations Group Members

  • Johan Friis Bergholt, Aarhus
  • Martijn Peschke, Amsterdam
  • Anna-Maria Chatzidaki, Athens
  • Claudia Pinna, Genoa
  • Deborah de Lausnay, Ghent
  • Annemieke Lack, Hamburg
  • Jukka Punamäki, Helsinki
  • Abigail Siguenza, Madrid
  • Nicoletta Paterno, Turin