Fashion in Antwerp App

Fashion in Antwerp is a niche app that was created by Visit Antwerpen for the purpose of showcasing what the city has to offer with regards to Fashion. Due to its nice content in the form of 5 themed routes that visitors in the city can follow and discover and both unique images and videos that showcase the content even further make this app very special. It is therefore no surprise that the Fashion in Antwerp app won the last edition of the DTTTAwards for the mobile category  (DTTTAwards 2013).

Fashion in Antwerp
The city of Antwerp has a vibrant fashion scene that has a long tradition and is also home to the world’s renowned Fashion Academy which is situated in Antwerp. Fashion students from all over the world join Antwerp’s Fashion Academy each year to learn about the trade and get a profound fashion education. The fashion museum and the vast amount of creative companies all over the city of Antwerp also emphasise the fact that fashion and creativity are deeply rooted into the city. Antwerp’s Six are probably the most famous fashion designers known in the world as former members of Antwerp’s Fashion Academy.

The App
The city of Antwerp designed an app to express their vibrant fashion scene and to attract Fashion tourists to the city. The application includes Fashion Maps and is available for iOS and Android. Once visitors have downloaded the app, it is available in 4 different languages and users can walk along 5 themed routes in the city and discover through images and videos what happens in the fashion scene sometimes behind closed doors, as in the case of the Fashion Academy only students are allowed access. Throughout the city, over 64 different locations are covered in the app and more than 400 images and 15 videos are additionally showing off the city and its Fashion scene. Antwerp Tourism and Conventions are particularly proud of the unique content in the app and also for visitors walking around the city, the app still has some surprises for them. When visiting Antwerp, extra information can be unlocked which is GPS triggered. The vast amount of image galleries, videos and behind the scenes material also adds a unique feel to the app.

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