CityDNA Mentor Programme

The CityDNA Mentor Programme has been created with industry partners, to generate exchange and knowledge between new and advanced professionals in the Meetings Industry.


It is time for the established members of City Destinations Alliance and industry professionals to give back, to inspire, to share, and thus to make sure that the new professionals, despite the turbulent times, get the best start in what we hope will be a long and successful Meetings Industry career.


Meetings Industry professionals all over Europe

Mentor and Mentee Toolbox for inspiration


Voluntary 12-month programme


Alumni Network

Mentor and Mentee Networks

The raging of the COVID-19 virus across the globe has had enormous consequences for the meetings industry. It has resulted in a big shift in the ways people who have been long-term in this industry network and develop relations when attending industry events.

It has posed however, a whole different challenge for newly appointed professionals in our industry whether working in CVBs, hotels, venues or as a PCOs anywhere in Europe. Indeed, they have been missing out on being at these central platforms, which are essential for them in terms of being introduced to the industry and which give them critical opportunities to build up a network. As we know, these key industry events also support them in receiving guidance, insights and knowledge to grow both professionally and personally.

Establishing an CityDNA Mentor Programme in close collaboration with industry partners aims to be an answer to solving this challenge. It is a way in which the amentees can develop their own professional network, strengthen their industry knowledge and be inspired by other destination business models.



As an established professional with more than 5 years of expertise in the Meetings Industry, give back and make a difference – both for the mentee and the industry at large
Be a change maker; be the change you want to see in the world through your efforts of instilling seeds of growth in the new generation
Be part of a community of CityDNA Mentors, with whom you can network, share knowledge and gain insights
Get the opportunity to work with, teach, learn and get fresh perspectives from your mentee
Develop your own teaching – and communication skills
Attend CityDNA-hosted Mentor Programme events (virtually and in-person if possible) and two CityDNA webinars a year


Be a professional with less than 18 month of experience in the Meetings Industry
Design the course of the programme with your mentor in line with your goals, take the initiative for the meetings and set the agenda
Record your development to achieve set goals as well as observations, thoughts and ideas
Familiarize yourself with CityDNA as an organisation and with the CityDNA Mentee Programme Toolbox for insights and inspiration
Take on the challenge of the CityDNA Hackathons and get teamed up with other mentees!
Be a change maker: as a mentee, you will be invited to share your view on important matters related to CityDNA as an association. Your opinion will then be carried out to the CityDNA Board
Participate in the CityDNA Mentee Network where you can exchange knowledge, discoveries, insights and best practices
Attend CityDNA-hosted Mentor Programme events (virtually and in-person if possible) and 2 ECM webinars a year
Take part in the CityDNA Summer School following the one-year programme. This is by no means mandatory but a platform that complements the Mentor Programme!
  • "The ECM Mentor Programme is a great opportunity for Mentor and Mentees to develop their own professional network, build up their industry knowledge and be inspired by other destination business models and insights."
    Barbara Jamison
    Head of Business Development Europe | London & Partners
  • Mentors will have the chance to be the change they want to see in the world through their efforts of instilling seeds of growth in the new generation. They will have the opportunity to work with, teach, learn and get fresh perspectives from a group of mentees from diverse backgrounds and with a broad range of talents and skill sets.” 
    Bettina Reventlow-Mourier
    Deputy Convention Director - Head of Congress | Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Throughout the Programme, the mentee will get the opportunity to get different outlooks on the industry, receive professional guidance, develop their network and relations and be inspired by other destination business models and insights. Be part of the ECM Mentees Network means knowledge exchange, discoveries, insights and best practices
    Sam Johnston
    Manager | Dublin Convention Bureau
  • Natasha Richards-IMEX
    “ Professionals who are new to our pandemic ravaged industry face many challenges. Particularly, the inability to engage with the global network that so many of us have been privileged to be a part of. The ECM Mentor Programme offers an ideal opportunity for new professionals to grow their network, learn more about the beyond bed nights value of the industry and to receive guidance from a mentor carefully matched to their needs.”
    Natasha Richards
    Senior Advocacy & Industry Relations Manager | IMEX Group
  • Martin Boyle-IAPCO
    "IAPCO’ mission to raise the standards of service amongst our Members and others in the meetings industry is fundamental to everything we do. Mentoring a relative newcomer provides a great opportunity for experienced meeting professionals to help raise standards by guiding those that are on their way to leading our industry in the not too distant future. IAPCO is pleased to endorse the ECM Mentorship Programme and I encourage everyone to consider how you can contribute. Together, we can achieve great things."
    Martin Boyle
    CEO | International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO)
  • I attended the ECM Summer School in 2018 while I was at the start of my career in the industry. Over the course of several days I had the privilege to gain hand on & practical knowledge about the Meetings Industry. I also have the pleasure to connect with counterparts from around the world and make new industry friends. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am grateful to have taken part in such a wonderful program, I am a proud alumni!” 
    Tamara Bernstein
    Regional Manager (Europe) | ICCA
  • “It's so lovely to have a broader viewpoint on the world rather than just what is going on in our city. Don't see this as extra work or another meeting in your agenda. Make it useful and fun for yourself and your mentor so you both feel happy and satisfied after!” 
    Jasmine Kestens
    Sales Manager | Visit Bruges Convention Bureau
  • "I would simply say that the secret is to listen. Mentoring is absolutely vital to the upstreaming of business events as change agents rather than travel agents. We must do this if our legacies are to have any value."
    James Latham
    Producer | The Iceberg, JMIC
  • "I didn't really have exact expectations in the beginning but after my first appointment with my mentor, I realized that this would be a great experience for me. I took advantage of every single interaction with my mentor, because having insights from someone who lives what she works is not the kind of knowledge or inspiration you can find in books! My mentor is backing me up with her knowledge, and her passion for her work inspires me to be better in what I do and to push the limits!"
    Marina Barkidija Sotosek
    Senior Assistant | Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija


The ECM Mentor Programme Communication Kit