TIC Expert Meeting
May 21, 2017
ECM Academy
May 24, 2017

ECM members exchange knowledge and best practice in one of the most significant growth areas in city marketing – city cards.

The City Cards Expert Meeting is an initiative of European Cities Marketing. At the meeting, the cities discussed in small groups themes such as technologies and digital practices in city cards, cooperation with transport companies, or human resources and organisation dedicated to city cards.

The goal of this yearly event is to strengthen a network of experts working in the field of product management for City Cards. The ECM knowledge groups play a pivotal role in helping Cities develop new ideas, products, insight and solutions to European Cities’ competitive barriers.

This event not only enriches City Card experts’ professional lives, it also promotes the development of the City Cards project through knowledge exchange.

Next City Cards Expert Meeting will be held in Lisbon on October 29-30, 2020. For more information please contact Pauline.